Saturday, August 10, 2013

Futons and smiles.

New dog bed

N and I carried the mattress and futon that we bought used, in separately. Tad has a pulled ligament so he directed (of course patiently because that is his manner as we all know) and we added the egg crate because the mattress is terrible. Its too thin and floppy but it will work for a wk until a better one arrives in mail.

I only use metal frame futons. I cannot open/shut the wooden ones well.

We put a duvet and a sheet so we can change the sheet regular. Bully sheds and kitten leaves dirt everywhere.

We never have enough seating. never in my married life have we had enough seating, but adding the dog in made it worse. So instead of a recliner, which is always what we had in addition to couch/futon, I bought the futon so we have that along with a couch. So now 2 full size seating areas and 1 is a bed! perfect.

We have always preferred futons, we have a nice leather couch with recliners because we traded it when we bought our last house. She stayed a cpl wks after closing to close on her next house, whereas usually you close one/move to hotel, close the one you are buying. We helped her not have to do that in exchange for 1000$ and she offered us a brand new, nice couch. We accepted and like it very much but when it bites the dust, it will be a 2nd futon. I love extra sleeping areas for guests, or family movie nights.

Tad insisted he would not smile so I told him, "Look so fierce, do not do smiling at all."

Fierce right??

"I am all done laughing mama. The cat is just this side of kickin' Nan's ass too. Look out Nan."

She smartly let go. Bully always watches the cat as if she considers going after it but is mostly too lazy.

There you have it. 8 seats. Yes, 8, not 6. We can all 4, when Frank is home, sit on one couch and even the dog fits bc she thinks she is a lap dog, or Nathalie will lay on the back.

We brought the futon through the front door and as we set it up, the chickens came by to see if it was food we had brought in, or if we had a snack for them, or maybe did we want them to come try out the futon? Maybe for a visit?

They do come in if we leave the door open.

It started to rain and these beggars said they could not make it to the barn or coop without getting wet.

"No, seriously, I said please let me in. I am going to start carrying on and you will get no peace, let me in or carry me covered to the coop. Your choice puny human."

Tad told Nathalie, "Stop using Bully's dog bed to put your LEGOs on!" why I ask, why?

"Her is my girl mom. I loves her."

"SEE! She rubs my belly!"

"And I smiles."

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