Friday, August 30, 2013

Boy LOVES tattoos. He generally tattoos himself with sharpies each day. I did a little more intricate work for him.

K colored in Ts snakes.

What did they do to that girls hair...

Nathalie made breakfast, and with the last of the batter she made a penguin which she ate, head first.

Cabbages, too bad the kids do not love these as much as I do. Tad will eat egg rolls and he might eat sour kraut. Not sure.

A LOT Of processing has been happening.


Max's mom was out, and he was a bit lonely so here he came. He spent about 5 hrs here, as he often does. Bully was not kindly giving up her bed, she prefers the futon.

Found this on the camera card, as well as the next. Kitten is lazy and spends a lot of time sleeping in Nan's bed.


So, see the one on the left of the photo? That is a Peter Rabbit. We buy them from amazon when we are in a hurry, fruit and veggie blends, 100% organics, no salt, no sugar. I make them myself most of the time, I use goat milk yogurt, fruits and vegetables. Grayson bought the kids some squeezies for Christmas that we put them in for travel.

Why? That is what I want to know. Why does this toothbrush need a steer? oh, wait...Um. He is a bull still.

Half of my canned tomatoes, the plastic lidded one went into fridge obviously

"Mama, my girl be so tired." Nathalie and Tad have had early morning private swim lessons and are worn from early morning/late nights. Bully's bed is on top of the old futon mattress folded in half, as we do not have a home for it.

Mama, I am going campin'

I have my hatchet, my tent, my gun, my sleeping bag.

Baby do you have a flashlight? WHAT? Mama, I see in the dark!

"Hey girls, can I come in??"

"Can I have some popcorn then?"

"Hey excuse me! I am sorry you are watching a movie, the cat is getting onto your tent. He will kill you."

The girls are camping inside. The boys really are camping away from home. They left on their dirt bikes, several minutes away, not sure where. I am trying to be grown up about that.

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