Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cat trap

Yes, it is raining. I dropped an empty fodder bin on the porch during chores, and it was an instant kitty trap.

We got a new futon mattress which is incredibly comfortable. I left the old one on the floor with a clean blanket, it became a giant bully bed. Nathalie's pillows and blanket are on here because when we came home from swim meet today, she did not feel well.

Bully is snuggling with Nathalie and her pillows.

"Oh mama, I am SO SO sick." How sick baby? "Mama, I have some congestion!" Oh my. How sickly...

Teeny harvest! Nathalie shelled 1 pea pod from the garden to feed the rabbits the pod and we picked our first tomato. We have eaten lots of garden food and have much to harvest, but this little tomato and pea picture is so cute.

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