Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Bows

These are Tad and Frank's Christmas presents. Tad wanted to buy a bow for his best friend Faith in Tn, so he worked mucking out barns for us and the neighbor to earn enough money. It was hard work, and he almost didnt make it! We bought it early enough and he kept working through holiday. We did the research to find a good quality bow for beginners, as well as one that could be used for hunting. These are a 62" tall bow, the wooden part at center stays the same forever. you buy new ends as you get stronger, Tad's is a 30 lb pull and Frank's is 40. Frank can hunt deer, but Tad can only hunt birds and rabbits with his bow. Right now they are just doing target practice.
The quality of the bows is amazing, they were made by a small family operation. Even Nathalie goes outside to shoot sometimes though mostly she says it is boring! These are take down bows so they are easy to travel with. Frank found a picture of a bow hanging shelf, similar to this one, so he made one out of scrap playboard and ripped 2x4s yesterday. He wants to sand and stain it, but for now the bows just needed a home. These are in the hallway. Now I need to get some rabbit hides tanned and sewn into quivers for them to hang below their bows!

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