Friday, July 16, 2010

Late birthday pictures

These are late pictures for Nathalie's birthday. We have the same birthday, July 10th. We gave her a bike, mom and robert gave her money and clothes, dad gave her money and some new earings, my sister scarlett sent her a schliech figurine from Europe, the kids collect them and they are made in Europe and my sister also sent her some lovely new clothes. So she finally has something NOT farmish she says from Nana and Aunt Scarlett!

Frank, of course, made the cake and as usual Nathalie wants so much junk and sprinkles on it, it turns her stomach halfway into a small piece but its her world!

Here she is spitting on her cake as daddy said. All in all, a great birthday. On a funny note, she asked around 9 am on her birthday, "Mama, what can I do since its my birthday?" I was in the barn when she asked this, hanging over the barn gate and I responded, "Here baby, take this pitchfork and muck the south barn out for me. Oh and happy birthday." She gave me a stinky look and replied, "Well thanks mama and happy birthday." Later however, after the barn was done, I was presented with a homemade card and flowers from her and a, "Many Happy Returns of the day mama!!!"

And what did I get for my birthday? Well this is two fold. My husband, because he loves me and wants to give me what I want, has insisted on a new bathing suit that I do not need but do badly want. What I asked for was that he spend extra money towards getting tractor parts so he could fix the reverse on the tractor. He obliged and spent many days on his leave working in the heat on the tractor, and its now put back together, assumably fixed just waiting for one part. I say assumably, its a very old tractor that may exhibit other behaviour problems, its a wait and see game!

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