Friday, July 16, 2010

Chronicles of my life

Can you read into this picture? Can you tell a story of my life from it? Well here I can. The huge zuccini? I thought the plant was a squash plant and honestly didnt notice the green zuccini amongst the green vines. No they are not edible in my opinion but the goats will love them. The squash, well they DID come from the lovely squash plants. Why just squash and zuccini? Well, Ks soil is black and enriched with minerals, but its too silty in some areas so it has to be made loamy either with manure, composte, good fertilizer etc or mixing sand. We are doing the first, but this generally takes a year. So our tomatoes are growing well, because I have fixed the dirt around the individual plants before they died, but the peas and greenbeans and many other things died from tough soil. The pumpkins, squash, zuccini and cucumber plants have thick roots that can push thru the soil so they grow! Now you have dirty garden gloves and kitchen scissors from the garden, dirty dishes, dirty cabinet, rising bread, empty beer bottles. Thats my life right now. Busy, messy, too much to do but really quite wonderful.

off to clean the cabinet and cook some fresh squash and onions!

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