Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today my baby came running outside while I watched Frank digging a hole with our tractor, which naturally I thought she was coming out to watch also.

"Mama! Hey, mama! My lego tractor is 4 wheel drive look!!!" Sure enough, her tractor has wide tread on the front wheels as well as the back, apparently (we have learned) smooth front tires indicates 2 wheel drive.

"I see that baby." I felt so proud...This is one of things she will have "always known." Diesel fuel gels in the cold, tractors need to weigh twice as much as the weight you ask them to lift (on avg), all animals continue moving AFTER you kill them. My children were once surprised when a local hay farmer told them no, I have no chickens when they asked. They said, but where do you get eggs? The store. WHY???

I like this life...I like the things they learn and know, the things they will think they have known since birth. Things I didnt know. Oh and they can swim. I didnt know how to do that. Wait, I still dont!

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Kenji said...

So cool!! You never learned how to swim either?? I have three little fish, and while I enjoy the water I still stay in the shallows.