Sunday, November 10, 2013


The lighting is difficult here, I was at this point in socks and the porch was wet.

These first couple were taken at 5:45 at night

We have a beautiful, wet mess of frozen rain falling on us at this point.The children have watched it accumulate slowly and were delighted that there was enough to scrape up. As if they cant just wait a few days. We live in Ak.

Nathalie has new snow pants from mom, but will only wear Frank's coat. She has a nice coat of her own, but nothing will do but she wear his.She will put it in the dryer if it becomes wet and squat by the laundry room waiting for it.

Tad is still in a jacket. No coat for him yet.

They are loading their snow ball onto the toboggan.

Tad put the rope pull around himself and pulled it to their point. Not sure what they are making.

Such big fat flakes! The children are as delighted as children would be who had never seen snow.

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