Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mama says it looks holocaust. But I like their profiles, wish Bull's collar was off.

Our X is not centered. He is Zero, a mutant from x men. It was not Halloween, its the freedom of homeschool. Meaning, no school rules about fad hair do.

He is starting to look like a grown up...

I am fairly sure we cannot love this dog anymore and then the next day I love her even more. My heart races to come home and see her! I finally understand dog owners.

And this guy, it will break my heart to move away from him. We love him so much!

He stayed with us while his mom was on vacation.

Who am I kidding, he is here all the time anyway! Nathalie has taken to wearing Frank's clothes, hats and coats. She wears his winter coat instead of her own, all of the time. She sleeps in his t shirts, wears them all day usually. His socks. His winter hats. His wool shirts. She wont leave without an article of his on.

I think he is fairly lovely despite his arguments that he is NOT pretty.

"Hold it for me Tad. I am scared."

"You have monkey feet Nan."

"See you are doing it by your felch." Felch-family thing for self.

"No, Tad, get it! I lost my hat. Help."

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