Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best and Worst Wednesday

Best part about next week? We are moving to Alaska!

Worst part? I am leaving one of my best friends in the world here in Ks and my heart aches from that sadness.

Best part about my truck being broken? My husband is a mechanic.

Worst part? No matter what he (and other good mechanics do) the left front tire STILL pulls to the left causing uneven brake wear and poor fuel economy. Been working on it for 3 wks and still... a problem that he/they cannot understand.

Best part about homeschooling? My kids are still in bed.

Worst part? We havent started school... its late!

Best part about being able to sew? The savings, the tailoring, the perfect fit, fabrics and patterns that I love.

Worst part? Getting up, getting started or not having any clothes. Its a rough way to go.

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