Monday, September 5, 2011

Lost camera

I lost my camera, and the other one is broken (my good one) and there is another little one that is both lost and out of battery. None of this is normal for me, I love to take pictures! I will give you an update and find my camera asap.

Because we are moving to Alaska shortly after Frank comes home, there is a lot of work to do. We have a lot of paperwork with the insurance company over the shop burning down. Also, we have to demo the site. For a small amount of money (that I made) a man in a town nearby collected the metal-which was the bulk of the shop rubble. He can turn it in to make money, and I didnt have to do all the work alone. We do get paid for demo, but we rather demo ourselves. Now I need to clean up the remaining chard wood (burn it) clean up any obvious trash (dump) and then figure out the ashes.

The landscaping-it is all done, and the beds are beautiful especially considering my lack of decorating abilities. Our friend Eric helped me with the beds and has one more job to do...I have to have a small piece of rr tie cut down which I am not capable of with no chainsaw.

The property otherwise-almost all brushogged, (Tad and I do this on the tractor) mowed (Tad), weed eating done (Tad and myself) and some hedging where the brushog cannot go (Tad). During this time Nathalie kept the house clean, laundry done and food cooked. We still have a little more cleaning and repair in the barns, but have sold most of our farm stuff and all animals save 2 crazy, wild chickens. A bantam rooster and his hen-they live off the land.

Have 2 rooms to clean out, pump room and jacuzzi room. The jacuzzi was sold long ago but has junk in the room. These things will go to the dump.

Rest of the house has been mostly cleaned and organized, we have a few more things inside to sell. We are selling a lot of our goods because we want to move to Ak without a lot of stuff.

Remodeling-I am almost done with one bathroom. Eric finished the drywall for me, now I need to finish sanding the mud which I did and paint. Bathroom # 2, Eric finished most of the drywall. I need to finish that, mud, sand and paint. Then I have to tile the floor. Bathroom # 3, Jeremiah-friend from south of here- did the bathtub this wkend, a job I couldnt do alone. It had many problems that came up which he was able to solve right away, they would have stumped me. We had a great wkend with his family, and and the bathtub is perfect. I now need to tile the shower walls, finish the drywall around the top, paint it and tile the floor. I pealed the wall paper from it yesterday.

Bathroom # 4 isnt gutted. We gutted part of the laundry room because the pipes broke. Gutted # 2 because it had carpet and no shower-just an old tub. New tub, new shower, but couldnt do new floor because the floor sagged. Why? Because next door our bathroom, # 3, had the main floor supports cut out underneath for the drain. Why? Because people make poor decisions-it wasnt us this time. We had to then gut that bathroom shower-learned there was empty wall space so a full shower/tub would fit, and so that made 3 bathrooms gutted partially. A lot of work, but he didnt intend for us to move so soon.

Now today is our first official day of school, didnt work out 2 wks ago so here we are! Photos later.

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