Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have been very absent for some time. We have been very busy, there is always a long list of things to do. In my time gone from here, we have done many things including raising our own flock of meat chickens, butchered them and put them away in the freezer. We have delivered new goat babies, sold some goats, bought some new ones.
We have 15 new goats coming to live with us while their owners buy/close on a new home, they belong to my friends from Ca who are moving just south of us to a new job.
We have torn down our tractor, its in several pieces. Rather, Frank and our friend Brian from Ga tore apart the tractor... My best friend Nikki and husband Brian visited last wk, they completed many tasks with us and we enjoyed our visit immensely!
I made clothes for myself and the children and we continue to homeschool through the winter. We are gardening and making a lot of soap and cheese as we have too much milk! We are building a milk machine, and oh, did I fail to mention? Frank and Brian made our first batch of biodeisel and it works!!! We are running it in our vehicles as we speak! They had to do some modifying as our system wasnt complete but we have now ordered additional parts. Now we are looking for an effective way to pump oil into our barrels (restaurants let you have their waste oil for free, which is what bio is made from) and also to pump the fuel into the vehicles. Right now we do that by hand.
So we are busy, and have a long list of things still to do before Frank has to be gone again for awhile. I promise to update better from now on!

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