Saturday, June 26, 2010

My apologies...

I have done no updates! I am a terrible blogger. Frank is deploying again, and we are in a constant rush to get ready for this. There is so much this time that is his job. Roofing and fixing tractors, fixing the cars and teaching me to make fuel alone.

Frank put up an old tire yesterday for a tire swing, the kids have already had a great time. Frank swung them and twirled them yesterday and they were out first thing this morning. Now they are with their friend Tristin on the swing again!
It is incredibly hot here, our friend Eric is deployed and his wife told us his temperature today is 89 in Iraq! Ours is over 100 today. I was accused (rightly) of not blogging much today... So here this is. I will take a lot more pictures today, of our (pitiful) garden, our newest baby goat, Eric's boys doing hard labor, Eric's boys and our kids swimming/diving at the public pool. His family is spending the afternoon with us.
We spent this morning with Mr S and son, riding in a combine and watching "how wheat is made." Then we rode in a big flat face truck to the grain elevator and dumped the grain and saw how it was weighed. I read Mr S tickets and can see how much grain is amassed daily while he and his son work! I know it is a lot of work, farming, but it is some honest labor that they both seem to enjoy. Technology is amazing though, what they can do with technology allows them to get a lot more done in a lot less time. I assume a lot more money is put out of course this way.
So we are busy, crazy busy, never stop moving. Frank and I are both are up early and asleep late.
More soon, I have lots of new pictures coming today or tomorrow.

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