Monday, October 5, 2009

Any Time

Well I promised to say why I was losing my mind. You wouldnt have gotten any of my time, and wouldnt have found out for days. Except, my husband has fallen asleep in the recliner... Yes he is home!!!!!!!!!!!!

He arrived home at 1:30 am this morning. He arrived on American soil sometime yesterday evening and was in my zip code around midnight. They marched out before family members at 1:30 am, and there was a short thanking them ceremony by some officer... I wasnt paying attention as my soldier was on the front row and we were on the front row of seats (we arrived 3 hrs early to sit on cold metal bleachers and wait!!), and we spent the moments staring at him. They said 1-2-3 dismissed and we ran for him.

Tad, Nathalie and I all cried with happiness. I didnt expect the children to cry so much but they were shaky and happy! He went to get his bags and took the kids with him, I went to get the van and meet him and a very unkind gate guard was hateful to me and refused to let me wait for him. Said I had to go park... I stalled for time as his accent was so hard to understand, though I did, by asking him to repeat himself! Once Frank approached, the angry gate guard went away. I wasnt in the way of anyone so I dont understand the problem.

We came home and toured the shop and house together, he saw his birthday present (his b day is tomorrow...) and said it was a good purchase. (its a beautiful pool table) He liked my new tools in the shop and referred to them as his own (as if)!

Today we enjoyed each others company, played games, shot pool, ate german chocolate that Frank purchased on the way home and did a lot of hanging out by the fire!

Walking the goat yards was interesting, there is so much to be done in addition to the greenhouse we wish to build. Its a lot and could be overwhelming but isnt to us because we are so happy and excited to be together again and will enjoy every moment of work!

So thats it, now no more posts for wks I am sure. I will try to post some pictures for friends and family as I take them. Uploading photos isnt too time consuming!

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