Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New clothes

So what do you do when your son gains 10 pounds in 1 yr? Well you sew. Tad has always been able to wear summer clothes more than one yr bc he is not very tall or big. He weighs 58 pounds (2 days ago weight) and weighed 48 last summer same time! So most of his summer shorts went to Manny in Ga. (nearly 6 yr old son of my best friend)
I went through last yrs summer clothes and found plenty of t shirts, some stained, and several skirts/capris and dresses for Nathalie. But shorts, Tad had 2 pr. So the last 2 evenings I have spent a bit of time making him 2 new pr long shorts or 3/4 length pants and 1 pr of nice shorts.

These are loose fit 100 % linen with bamboo waistband garden pants. The longer styling allows him to get less sunburned. I dont like to use a lot of sunscreen, 80 % of Americans are vit D defficient! It is added to cows milk, but we use fresh goats milk.

This was some nice nylon I bought late this winter for 1 $ a yd. I see why now! Hard to work with. The machine kept eating it! But here they are, mock fly, soft stretchy waistband, quick dry long swim shorts. The back pockets are gusseted which are nice for water and they just look neat.

Mr Clean! He says... These shorts are identical to his new blue jeans and his camo pants from same fabric of this winter. He needs a pr that are nice for restaurants or being out and this fabric doesnt show stain easily. He likes real zippers and beltloops which this pr has.

Gusseted pockets...

Nice fancy shorts!

Garden pants

And the trio of my work, about 2.5 hrs from cut to photo. Very comfortable, versatile and easy to make. Now we are not AS lacking in summer clothes! He still needs another pr garden pants and another pr of nice shorts and she needs a new pr capris and 1 more dress.

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