Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clean Rooms

The children's rooms are clean???? Has that ever happened? Yes of course! There was that one time... No wait. That wasnt it, um, yeah! I remember, that one time back before we moved in when the other people were still living in it, last august? Thats it! Just kidding... Their rooms are often clean but since they were about 2 yrs old and older, I have had to do toy patrol. We end up with too much, and things get mixed. Legos and little animals are the only things safe from this. Everthing else, ends up mixed. Today I removed a huge packing box full of things and a large trash bag full of fabric scraps, paper bits and other junk that are considered "good finds" by Nathalie.

Nathalie doesnt actually sleep in her own room but it is now organized and 50 % more empty than it was earlier today. Her mattress lives downstairs in a spare bedroom now bc spring is tornado season and its easier to have 3 mattresses down there for stormy nights. Her babies are "in bed" here and she is pleased with the clean room though it took a lot of tears from her.
I moved next yrs shoes (on sale so bought early), winter shoes, helmets and several boxes of things like blocks and the life box is the "little" toy box. It has smallish things that dont fit other sets, Nathalie likes this box full of treasures so I let her keep it as long as it closes.

Her desk even has art space! She says this will be less frustrating than the carpeted floor for drawing.

Tad didnt have as much mess because, um, because he isnt Nathalie? She is a messy child, who doesnt mind the mess. He is a slightly messy and hates living in a mess. He has a bottom and top bunk of course and the top is where Nathalie sleeps. She wont sleep alone firstly because of the tornado and secondly because daddy is gone and if Bad Guys come in, Tad will protect her.

Clean sheets, and no clothes hanging out of the drawers! Yes he does use the 3 colored drawers for clothes as well as the under bed drawers. He has a nice dresser my grandad made and so does Nathalie, but the drawers were damaged on his-runners need replacing and havent gotten to that yet!

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