Thursday, September 26, 2013

Purple potatoes taste better. No, really.

Bear spray? I ask you... And why such a big 2x4 with the pencil sharpener bolted down? I guess we wont lose it anymore.

"Nathalie, shoot me now with the nerf gun. I will knock the bullets out of the air."

"Roger Roger."

Bully says, "What the hell..."

Rainy day fun

Homemade tortillas, I make these 1-2 x a wk.

Organic vanilla chip muffins

We need a bonfire mama. Its a fire kinda day.

Mama, I made moss hop scotch. Come see.

Max stays with us daytime now that his mom went back to work.

This is going badly.

What is out the window Max? Max says, Its those damn ducks!

Bully loves and hates Max all at once

Bully got into a fight with Kitten and has a torn ear, badly torn as in torn clear through. Wow.

Kitty boy did to Bully's ear like he did to this sheet of paper.

And then he laughed at Bully. Mean cat.

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